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Forward Thinking: Five Ways to Keep Moving Forward in the Age of Social Distancing

By Sarah Flick August 6, 2020

Activities that people used to take for granted have changed in major ways — like a trip to the grocery store, attending a live concert or sporting event, participating in church services or even just hugging a friend. Remember that the simple things, like exercise and eating right, are essential to maintain your health. Here are some things to focus on as we continue to adjust to the changes in our daily lives. Keep on reading...

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Put Savings (and Yourself) First with a Budget

By Sarah Flick June 25, 2020

Americans, it seems, are spenders. Personal savings rates are low and many people spend beyond their means. If you're among those Americans who can't seem to save, it might be time to create a budget. A budget allows you to understand where the money goes and may help you free up cash for important savings goals, such as college and retirement. Keep on reading...

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