AJ is Nourishing Tomorrow’s Leaders program graduate

Over the past several months, Managing Director AJ devoted his Wednesday nights to Nourishing Tomorrow’s Leaders, a non-profit board training program run by The Gifford Foundation in Syracuse. The program’s mission is to increase overall board diversity, “deepen the pool of trained board members, and inspire potential leaders” in Central New York. The workshops provide an overview of how board members add value, how to make the connection between your passion and area nonprofits, what it means to be a nonprofit and more. Topics include organizational lifecycles, group dynamics, networking and conflict resolution.

Serving the community has always been important to AJ. Under his leadership, the team volunteers as a group on a regular basis, and HighPoint supports the philanthropic efforts of its individual employees throughout the year. With the expertise he’s gained and network he’s built as a graduate of the NTL program, AJ is excited to take on some philanthropic projects of his own.

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