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Put Savings (and Yourself) First with a Budget

By Sarah Flick June 25, 2020

Americans, it seems, are spenders. Personal savings rates are low and many people spend beyond their means. If you're among those Americans who can't seem to save, it might be time to create a budget. A budget allows you to understand where the money goes and may help you free up cash for important savings goals, such as college and retirement. Keep on reading...

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Cashing Out on Bad Spending Habits

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By Sarah Flick June 1, 2020

Four tips to help keep you from overspending

Do you find yourself looking out at your porch more often, wondering when your next Amazon package will arrive? Do you leave the grocery store with a couple more bags than you planned for? Do you feel like sometimes you just want to buy stuff? For almost 16% of Americans, “buying stuff” is an addiction, or what the American Journal of Psychiatry calls a “compulsive habit of buying with significant adverse consequences.” While you’re likely not addicted to buying stuff, overspending is a common barrier to saving for retirement and achieving other financial goals. The more you give in to unplanned or excessive purchases, the more harmful they can be to your financial health. Instead of giving in to spending impulses, use these four basic tips to help you avoid your compulsion to buy stuff! Keep on reading...

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