Our Technology for Financial Planning in Central NY, Syracuse and all the other markets we serve

A Person Manages Investments On Smartphone

Modern technology makes investment planning and communication with your advisors that much easier. Industry-compliant technology helps protect client privacy and personal information and safeguard assets while providing the convenience of everyday access. Serving their home market of Central NY and Syracuse, as well as many other markets across the country, HighPoint Advisors, LLC always stays up to date with mobile apps and online financial planning technology. This allows our clients to access their accounts, view trades, download documents, and sign documents from just about anywhere.

Secure Online Access

Online access to accounts is safe and convenient, and clients can access the client portals via the HighPoint Advisors, LLC website or by downloading a mobile app. An important platform is LPL Financial’s Account View, where clients can access accounts, statements, secure documents, and see transactions. Additional features include reviewing financial proposals and advice from our advisors. Our financial technology is up to date and secure, protecting your identity and ensuring authorized access.

DocuSign for Remote Signatures

The ability to electronically sign documents is crucial to many modern financial transactions. Providing absolute convenience, DocuSign makes signing documents simple. This streamlined, digital method of supplying a legal signature complies with all protective measures. By using the mobile signing app, clients can sign documents even while away from their homes or offices.

Portfolio Management and Self-Service Appointment Scheduling

As part of our services, clients of HighPoint Advisors, LLC have access to financial planning technology that assists with trading assets and rebalancing portfolios. In addition, an advisor is available if any questions arise or guidance is needed.

Whether clients would like to meet with an advisor over the phone, in person, or via video call, it’s easily arranged with our online self-service appointment scheduling technology. Simply select an advisor’s individual profile from our website and choose to schedule an appointment.

Communication Made Simple

With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, HighPoint Advisors, LLC can call clients using the Internet. This extra convenience for both clients and advisors ensures easy communication, regardless of location, as well as high digital quality for crisp, clear conversations. Other communication options include:

Video Conferencing

It’s easy to arrange a digital video conference with your financial advisor at HighPoint Advisors, LLC. Using a Zoom account that ensures compliance and safety for financial matters, you can safely share documents, listen to a presentation, or briefly check in with an advisor about an account. For extra convenience, this feature is also available via mobile device.

Text Messaging

We have access to text messaging technology that meets compliance standards for the financial industry. Clients can feel confident that they can securely exchange text messages with our advisors.

Compliant Social Media Platform Usage

Social media can be a powerful tool to distribute information to our clients, especially with modern safeguards and compliance standards specific to the financial industry in place. For clients who want to join HighPoint Advisors, LLC on social media platforms, a wealth of timely information is available that is of current interest.

Not all financial firms have the ability to safely interact with clients via social media, making this just one more way that HighPoint Advisors, LLC keeps up to date with new technologies to create a seamless experience and provide greater value for our clients.

Take Advantage of Modern Financial Technology

With the financial planning and communication technologies available today, clients can more easily converse and collaborate with our advisors. In Central NY, Syracuse and all the other markets we serve, clients of HighPoint Advisors, LLC can access a website that is updated and useful, mobile apps that are thoroughly investigated for security and safety, and secure methods for electronic document signing and communication. For more information, contact us today.