Quick Guide To Socially Responsible Investment

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For investors looking to boost their bottom line while still honoring their values and making a difference on a community level, there’s an option worth exploring called socially responsible investment (SRI). At HighPoint Advisors, LLC, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of SRI, so you can fully understand how your money can do good both personally and on a grander scale.

What Is Socially Responsible Investment?

Socially responsible investing, also known simply as “social investment,” is a way to strategically seek a return on funds while supporting positive social change, sustainability, and other socially conscious efforts. Some investors choose to invest solely in companies with products designed to have a significant social impact, while others may invest in a wide range of products but insist that those products come from companies with internal practices consistent with principles of social responsibility.

Socially responsible investing can be a hot-button topic, as many investments are linked to sensitive subjects or potentially partisan issues, such as climate change. These investments are ever-evolving as well and tend to reflect whatever is currently in the news, while environmental concerns are at the forefront today, that could shift depending on what new issues capture the public’s awareness in the future, with investment trends following suit.

Basic Dos And Don’ts

Socially responsible investing can be deeply personal as choices typically reflect an individual’s belief systems and the pet projects on which they choose to focus. That said, there are some basic tenets followed more often than not:

  • Skip companies that produce potentially negative products or provide questionable services, such as businesses that manufacturer or provide tobacco, alcohol, and/or gambling
  • Seek out companies committed to social justice, eco-friendly practices, and alternative energy — both in-house and on a global level
  • Remember to consider the ESG criteria — environmental, social, and corporate governance
  • Investigate how a company treats their employees, suppliers, and contractors; companies that act one way at home but exploit those down the supply chain may not fit the bill

Balancing Social Responsibility And Financial Reward

Supporting socially responsible enterprises is a noble move that comes with its own set of non-tangible rewards, but as good as it may feel to funnel money into worthy causes, socially responsible investments are still investments. Some companies may check the box of social responsibility but offer little to no monetary return; others are poised to deliver a financial windfall but at a steep social cost. It’s up to each investor where to draw the line.

How To Invest

Socially responsible investing can be tricky as it’s not always easy to tell the truly committed companies apart from those hoping to capitalize on growing social awareness. To avoid putting money in the wrong place, it’s wise to seek the guidance of an investment professional. A trusted advisor can get to the truth of a company’s practice while also directing investors to special mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and other pooled investment vehicles that include multiple companies under a single umbrella.

Another option is to explore community investing, a practice that collects money for organizations dedicated to community service. These organizations are often unable to secure traditional funding and can use money from private investors to give business loans to the underprivileged, build affordable housing, and otherwise foster an environment conducive to economic and social growth.

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