Disability Insurance Planning in Syracuse, NY

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disability insurance fileWhen your ability to earn a living and provide for yourself and your family becomes hampered, you need an effective solution. Highpoint Advisors, LLC can help you decide if disability insurance is best for you. Although your intentions may have been to work steadily until retirement day, circumstances might prevent you from doing so. If you’ve experienced a disability through illness or injury that prevents you from working, our experienced team can help you choose a disability insurance plan to replace your income, either on a short-term or long-term basis.

Overview of Disability Insurance: Discover What It Is and Does

Disability insurance can provide a salary if a disability (due to accident or injury) prevents you from working. Whether you’ve been injured on the job, or you are recovering from a serious illness such as a heart attack or cancer, your disability insurance can help replace the lost paychecks while you recuperate. Unlike social security, it can cover up to 70 percent of your lost wages, regardless of your age.

Your Questions Answered: Why Is It Important to Have Disability Insurance?

If you become disabled and unable to earn a salary, disability insurance can help you meet your financial obligations by providing a steady source of income. While your employer may provide workers’ compensation coverage, you may not be covered by disability insurance from work. This is why you need financial planning advice from our advisors, and coverage from private disability insurance. Whether you need coverage for the short-term (up to six months) or for a lifetime, we are there to help weight your options to ensure you are provided for in your time of need.

Find the Disability Insurance that’s Right for You

Our firm is committed to building close, long-term relationships with our clients. We can help you decide which type of disability insurance you should apply for. Join our mailing list and stay informed.

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