Estate Planning Services in Syracuse and the Central New York Area

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Organizing the division of your assets might seem like a tricky endeavor, but at HighPoint Advisors, LLC, our services are designed to make the process easier. Whether your estate is large or small, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your estate planning trusts are handled correctly. Residents of Syracuse and the Central New York area can count on the individual attention deployed by our dedicated financial advisors for their estate planning needs.

Estate Planning Explained

The main goal of estate planning is to avoid miscommunication and uncertainties over who should inherit a person’s assets. Through the creation of a plan for a person’s estate, we can help determine the details of how your assets will be managed after death, or in the event that you are no longer able to make financial decisions. Your estate plan will include instruction on how you wish your assets to be delivered and how end-of-life decisions should be made.

It’s important to note that this process goes beyond the writing of a will. Some additional items that your estate plan will cover include:

  • Beneficiary designation
  • An estate tax plan
  • Assignment of powers of attorney
  • And more.

Why Estate Planning Is Important

Estate planning is a key process in ensuring you and your loved ones are taken care of. Some of the many benefits of planning for the dispersal of your estate include:

  • Financial control: By explaining what you would like done with your estate after your death, the specified individual(s) can maintain control of their property and assets.
  • End-of-life care: If you are unable to care for yourself, the prior indication of the type of treatment you wish to receive will help make proxy situations easier on both you and your loved ones.
  • Easing familial burdens: Creating a preemptive estate plan can help your family from incurring court costs and prevent possible arguments that can cause disruption.
  • Support for your favorite cause: Those who pride themselves on giving back to the community can continue to do so by supporting charitable foundations through your estate plan.

Perhaps more than any other benefit, providing formal intentions for your estate can help prevent stress. Dictating your wishes can serve provide confidence by the confirmation that your assets will be split in a way you approve of.

When Should I Start Planning?

Since everyone’s assets are different, the timing to plan for their allocation is bound to be different as well. However, regardless of the size of your estate, the most important aspect is to ensure that your wishes and needs are met. The reality is that everyone needs to set plans in place for the organization of their assets, and when the timing looks right for you is entirely your decision.

Trust Your Estate to HighPoint Advisors, LLC

At HighPoint Advisors, LLC we pride ourselves on providing personalized financial services across Central New York, including Syracuse. Our experienced advisors are dedicated to providing each client with several recommendations for estate planning, so we can put together the best plan for each person. To learn more about estate planning with our team, contact HighPoint Advisors, LLC today.

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