Estate Planning Services for Individuals and Business Owners in Syracuse

HighPoint Advisors, LLC offers estate planning services to help older adults in Syracuse plan for the division of their assets after they pass away. This process can be intimidating to many, but our dedicated financial advisors will help you through every step of the process.

What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning involves creating a plan for the division of a person’s assets after death. The goal is to eliminate uncertainties over who should inherit the person’s assets. Estate planning helps determine how and when assets will be managed if the person becomes unable to manage them himself/herself, how assets will be distributed after death, and how end-of-life decisions should be made if the person becomes unable to care for himself/herself.

Estate planning involves more than just writing a will. It also takes into account financial, tax, business, and medical matters, as well as end-of-life care.

Do I Need to Plan My Estate?

Everyone needs to create a plan for their estate, regardless of its size. Designating a loved one to manage financial and healthcare decisions, should you become unable to do so, is a major part of estate planning. It’s important to talk to your loved ones with a financial advisor or lawyer to discuss the estate planning process. Creating a plan now can save your family a lot of stress and heartache after you pass away.

Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning can be difficult to think about, but there are a number of benefits that will help put your mind at ease. You will maintain control of your property and assets even after you pass away by indicating what you want to do with them. You control your end-of-life care, so that if you are unable to care for yourself, you receive the type of treatment you’d like to have.

Also, many families end up in court fighting over their loved ones’ assets because he or she hadn’t created a will before passing away. Things like this can tear families apart. Creating an estate plan now will keep your loved ones safe from emotional stress, court costs, and other issues.

The HighPoint Advisors, LLC Process

When you schedule a consultation with a financial advisor, we’ll spend time getting to know you, your financial situation, and your goals for your estate. Then we’ll provide you with several recommendations for estate planning, and we’ll work with you to choose the best plan and put it into action. We’ll always be available to answer your questions, adjust the plan, and provide other investing services as needed.

To learn more about the estate planning process, contact the financial professionals at HighPoint Advisors, LLC today to schedule a consultation.

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